How to Change Ringtones on a NEC DT300/DT700 Phone

One of the little known features of an NEC DT300 or DT700 series display phone is it gives individual users the ability to change the ringtone. As you can see from the instructions below, it’s very simple to do. My personal favourite is ringtone #4 under the Internal...

Automatic Redial Function

Automatic Repeat Dial Function UNIVERGE SV8100   Automatic Repeat Dial Function Don’t you hate when people don’t answer their phones? I know I DO! As much as phones have become a great accessory in reaching people rather than using two cups and a string, hoping...

Redial Function

UNIVERGE SV8100 Guess what? We’ve done the calculations for you!! By using the redial function you can save up to 4 hours a day!! Let’s say you’re a crazy dialer, in 60 seconds you’ll be able to dial 20 numbers (that’s if you’re fast enough as well as always press the...

NEC Elite IPK Voicemail manual cheat sheet

Our end-users always ask us for an easy and quick way to have access to their NEC Phone System and NEC Voicemail manuals. We will be publishing helpful quick cheat sheets and feature access code user guides containing only the most frequently asked features. Here is...

Yealink T58a with Camera

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