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Businesses of any size have one thing in common – change. Think of your business, the only thing that truly stays the same is that it is always changing. You have the right team in place to support your growth, the right clients to pursue your products, the right niche to pursue your vision. You expect only the best from your team, your client and your vision, why not pursue only the best for your communication needs?

Paired with our friends over at Digium, the Asterisk Company, we are excited to announce not only the arrival but the explosion of the SwitchVox. A complete all-in-one business telephony system that integrates your voice and data into one easy-to-use package – SwitchVox works for you without being on the payroll. This software has been created to bring all of your information to one central mobile spot. I know what you’re thinking – how is one central spot, mobile? I was hoping you’d ask me that!

Although there are countless that I can tell you, and I’m sure over time you’ll find your own list of advantages, I present you with 3 advantages that SwitchVox will bring to your company.

                                Intuitive Interface; No matter where you are, you have full access to real-time data, so no more back-tracking your e-mails after a surprise phone call from that client that requested a conference call earlier. Paired with SalesForce, you can enable caller record recall and trigger events with anyone in your contact list. All of this on a single interface – no need for multiple programs and e-mail reminders so you never miss a beat. Even your registered SwitchVox users can access real-time call-queue info, access detailed reports and logs.

                                Collaborative functionality; Sometimes, a call just isn’t enough. Sometimes, your subject line isn’t catchy enough. Reach new levels of client relations with the innovative hi-quality video software SwitchVox has to offer, executed through your IP phones. This technology brings your conference calls to a whole new level, a more personal business experience; enabling you to quickly build rapport with your client utilizing not only verbal communication but interpersonal body language, and you save on airplane tickets!

                                Mobility; It’s another Monday in the office, but you’ve got a meeting in Vancouver on Wednesday and a conference in Ottawa on Friday – sounds like a hectic week. With SwitchVox, you have the ability to reach your office phone through any phone you use. Forward from your desk phone to the device, you’re taking and you’ve got your office-on-the-go. Imagine being able to not only access your own database but have the ability to stay in touch with your clients, no matter your locale.

Alright, alright – its principles sound great, right? How about the 70% cost savings without any contract lock-in, or the exponential growth you can incur without additional, unexpected cost? SwitchVox grows with your company, being easy to maintain, upgrade and use. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this – The SwitchBoard.

The brain behind the muscle, SwitchBoard is your interface that does it all.

PRESENCE      See who is in the office, on a call or away from their desk

CHAT  Secure your inter-office communication needs with real-time messenger solutions

  HEADSET   Record and monitor your calls for training and auditing functionality with the touch of a button

  PHONE Click-to-call and drag-and-drop transfers are the premise of intuitive communication, all from your SwitchBoard

      QUEUE     Call queuing to allow efficient inbound call management

   CRM  CRM integration, paired with Salesforce.com will have your client’s information right at your fingertips

You think that’s good? Meet the Enterprise-Class features SwitchVox can offer.

UNIFIED    Voicemail across the board; e-mail, mobile device, no matter where you are, stay in touch

LOG    Call logs and reporting give you custom statistical reports that you can get e-mailed to you automatically

CONF   Built-in conference bridging allows your employees to manage their own conferences, on-demand

VIDEO   Video calling has never been easier, the software is there, just bring your IP phone

FAX  Revolutionary integrated fax service delivers your inbounds to your inbox

XML     XML-based Extend API makes integration simple

IVR    Interactive Voice Response allows you to provide and collect info about your caller, even direct calls

Intuitive performance is truly the advantage to SwitchVox. It is suitable for any sized business, with simple training with coverage options including unlimited email and phone support, upgrades and updates. Efficiency and productivity are the outcomes of the SwitchVox technology, enabled by a selection of user-friendly and sleek devices. Bottom line, SwitchVox gives you all of the advantages on an assistant, the control of an executive and the agility of the best sales associate you’ve got on your team. Want to know how you can take advantage? Only one way to find out – Call us (416.410.4654) or email us at support@inlinecom.com.

As always – providing you innovative solutions to keep your bottom line Inline.

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