10 Reasons to upgrade to new NEC SV8100 Phone System

by | Mar 28, 2013 | General

Here are 10 reasons I believe companies should be looking for upgrading to up to date NEC SV8100 VoIP Phone System.
10 Reasons why VoIP Phone System

  1. The robust, feature-rich scalable, hybrid, rack-mounted communication server
    Up to 200 Lines
    Up to 512 Extensions
  2. Runs on proprietary hardware and software  thus guaranteeing high security and virus-free operation
    No worries ever getting infected by any type of virus
    NEC releases software updates, full of new features twice per year
  3. Built-in Battery Back-Up
    30 Minutes of power, to run your entire phone system and voicemail, even if hydro is out
  4. Easy and user-friendly web-based programming interface with built-in wizards.
    Change your extension names
    Reset Voicemail Passwords
    Adjust the time and date
    Upload your own Music or Message on Hold audio
    Swap Extensions or change extension numbers
  5. Can connect to any type of line coming from the provider
    Standard Analogue Line
    Digital PRI ISDN Line – also allows for a private phone number to every workstation
    SIP / VoIP Line – also allows for a private phone number to every workstation
  6. Can connect to the 3 most popular end devices
    Digital Phones – proven reliable technology
    Analogue Phones – faxes, conference phones, cordless phones
    SIP/ VoIP Phones – mostly used for remote extensions in remote offices or employees homes
  7. Comes with a powerful and flexible Voicemail System with
    500 Mailboxes
    Record your call ability for every extension
    Voicemail to email – Digitize and send to email every voicemail message, if required
    Optional Fax integration – allows receiving faxes to your Outlook/Send out faxes directly from the desktop
  8. Comes with an optional, very cost-effective, Call Centre Solution with the ability to
    Queue incoming calls for individual departments or extensions
    64 Individual Queues
    512 Agents
    Depth of Queue announcement (You are 2nd caller inline)
    Real-time desktop reports
    i. How many calls per Queue
    ii. How many agents logged in to individual Queue
    iii. Longest waiting caller
  9. Comes with an optional, very cost-effective, Conferencing Solution with the ability to
    Host professional conferences for up to 16 users
    Comes with email invite software
    Allows for the presenter to mute and un-mute individual users
    Allows for automated audio gain adjustment to level all participants
  10. Easy remote support and diagnostics via the Internet
    Allows for the dealer to do programming changes and diagnostics remotely
Feel free to call me at 416-410-4654 ext.112 to get more details.
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