Unified Communications; Why keep your Communication Inline?

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We live in a world full of choices, full of options supported by extreme ease of access. You can choose what TV series you want to watch, you can choose what Thai restaurant you want to order in from, you can choose which school you want your kids to go to – we inherently love options. Your SMB communication needs are no different. At Inline, we want to be a step ahead, we want to push the envelope, and we want to give you the best so you can be your best. We’ve said it once, and we won’t stop saying it – your communication needs must be a top priority!

Let’s take a look at your day-to-day communication. It’s a sunny Monday, the coffee lineup wasn’t too long and you packed some leftover BBQ for lunch. Now, it’s time to catch up from the weekend. You’ve got 36 e-mails to answer, 6 voicemails to respond to, 2 conference calls, and another with a new client a few provinces over. The client faxed over the info from your meeting last week and you need to find some info on your client for your last meeting of the day at 4 o’clock. Just another day in the life, right? We have a handful of options that make all of these realities effortless (have you heard of SwitchVox yet?) but at the very base of your needs, we offer unparalleled digital service.

When it comes to choosing your digital service, VoIP is the no brainer. With any internet connection, you can not only make calls from any IP phone, but you can forward your calls to your desk phone, mobile or any other device you may have at arms’ reach. Long-distance charges are virtually obsolete and the audio quality is next level with digital service. The savings are not only reflected in our rates but also in the features included. Not only do you get call display, forwarding, hunting, and voicemail but you get qualified support and training from our best professionals. We can help on-site or remotely with any programming and testing needs. Our advanced software can even detect any unlikely disturbances you may experience where we work quickly to resolve.

One of our most widely used services, hands down is conferencing. The easiest way to get ideas, people, and topics in one spot at the same time, we can suggest the best devices to meet your conferencing needs. We provide conferencing services to community groups in the Greater Toronto Area as well as conference bridging to businesses right in your backyard. This technology is nothing new, but we’ve helped make it better by putting it on a digital base, improving audio quality and accessibility. The next phase? Video conference calling! Thanks to our advanced technology, business is covering more postal codes than ever before. With conference bridging, you have the ability to connect with people in another province, another country, another continent! Now – lock in that big business deal with a next-level video conference. Niceties are simple to exchange; small talk is a skill you’ve already mastered, the dimension a lot of decision-makers don’t focus too much on is body language. Your poise, posture and demeanor can speak volumes of your character and the smallest gesture can initiate and foster trust-building interactions with individuals already in situations of similar interests and goals. Video conferencing allows you to make those moves – you’ll wonder exactly what conferencing was like before.

Cost-effectiveness is the epitome of VoIP service, cutting budgets and distance with an easy switch. Voice over IP gives you the ability to always be connected to your team and your client either by phone call, e-mail or fax. The accessibility allows you to take your business wherever you go in your back pocket. With “presence” technology, VoIP offers you the ability to be in the office without being in the office. You can see who’s available and who’s not, as well as letting your team know if you’re connected. Digital-based communications thrive on accessibility and connectivity – what an age we live in. VoIP’s accessibility also renders significant productivity – where ever your team has internet access, they are connected to you and your business.

Programming and expanding is simple with VoIP products – those other providers would charge you an arm and a leg to add those extra few lines for the new guys in Accounting and Marketing. With our VoIP service, adding a line is easy, not to mention the programming that comes with it. We can program the extension and voicemail remotely or right in your office. Our customer service philosophy is based on needs and deliverables – if we can do it for you, we will.

Communication isn’t just needs-based, while still remaining a necessity. Your business’ communication needs and objectives directly reflect the image of your business. Small, medium or large, your livelihood lies deeply in your client awareness and loyalty – how do you guarantee satisfactory relationships with your clients? Keeping in touch! Your communication speaks volumes about how you process your everyday business. That follow-up phone call, that thread of e-mails, the Outlook invites, each interaction you make with your client solidifies relationships, but timely and reliable communication fosters loyalty. With our Unified Communications packages, you can get your desk calls to your mobile, your voicemail to your email and your e-mail at your fingertips.

  •                 What are some of your most-used telecommunication applications?
  •                  Where and when do you use them the most, and why are they your favourite?
  •                  What are some features you wish you had but don’t feel like going through the hassle of contacting your provider, paying partial payments on your billing cycle and subsequently adding to your already expanding budget?
  •                  If you could change 3 things about your telecommunication service, what would they be and why?
  •                 Take these questions to your team – what are their answers? Are you surprised?

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