How to Change Your Phone Name

Change Your Phone Name

To enter a programming session, follow the next steps:

1) Press FEATURE * * 2 6 6 3 4 4

2) Enter Password: 2 6 6 3 4 4
Display will read: ” Terminals & Sets

3) Press: SHOW
Display will read: “Show Set” Enter the extension number that you want to change

4) Press: SHOW
Display will read: “The extension number and the current name

5) Press: SHOW
Display will read: “Line Access

6) Press: NEXT
Display will read: “Capabilities

7) Press: NEXT
Display will read: “Name:__

8) Press the “CHANGE” soft key.
Using the dial pad spell out the name
Ex: If you need the letter K press the 5 key twice and then press # to confirm the letter.

9) Press: NEXT
Once the name is changed you may press rls to end the programming.

Congratulations! You have just successfully changed the phone name!


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