Mr Safety Shoes Analog to VoIP Migration

Mr Safety Shoes and Inline Case Study - VoIP migration

Inline Communications VoIP migration for Mr Safety Shoes from a traditional PBX to a modern VoIP platform.

Migrating Mr. Safety Shoes, a National Multi-Location Retailer, from Analog Nortel Phone System to a new Switchvox Unified Communication VoIP platform

Mister Safety Shoes is a Canadian Nationwide retail chain of safety shoe stores carrying 200 styles of the best brand names in CSA approved safety shoes and other safety apparel.
With over 30 retail locations in Ontario and Alberta with more opening every year, Mister Safety Shoes requires a communications solution that can move as fast and be as flexible as they are.



  • With retail locations throughout Ontario and Alberta, each location had to purchase and maintain their own independent and antiquated Nortel phone system. Every time a new store was opened a new Nortel PBX would have to be purchased, configured, and installed.
  • To service and maintain these systems cost the company quite a lot of money in technician know-how and travel time.
  • Due to the independent silo’d nature of each store, there was no easy way to communicate store to store or control the call flow to a central location. This also resulted in many bills from different telecom providers in different cities.
  • No easy way to stay connected while working from home, reducing potential talent pool and employee satisfaction.


  • In order to improve the customer experience Mister Safety Shoes opted for a single cloud hosted Switchvox solution from Inline.
  • SIP trunks were configured for inbound and outbound calling, ensuring every call is always answered regardless of call volume spikes at a single location.
  • Mister Safety VoIP migration to a hosted solution in Inline’s data center ensures 99.9999% uptime thanks to multiple redundant power and network connections.


  • Standardized deployments makes opening new locations a breeze.
  • Centralized programming means every store’s phones and customer experience can be managed from one online portal, ensuring consistency and quality of service.
  • When a customer calls a local store they can be routed to a national call center, standardizing the customer service received.
  • Customer support agents can be hired from across Canada thanks to Sangoma’s web phone and cellphone clients.
  • Detailed reporting of every store’s calls allows business strategies to be evidence based, and outcomes measured.
  • No long distance charges, as all calls to Canada & US are local.
  • Retail locations can call each other or head office internally using simple three digit extension numbers.
  • Massively reduced monthly billing due to only paying for total maximum concurrent lines used during the past month across all locations. No more paying for unused lines or attempting to predict a store’s peak traffic to avoid busy signals.
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