Norstar/Meridian 1 Enhancements

Add functionality to your phone systems with these peripheral products. Increase your efficiency without the expense of upgrading.


Algo Duet Plus All Purpose Ringer

All purpose signaling device is compatible with most telephone systems. This product can replace dozens of single application products.

  • Loud station ringing
  • Night bell
  • Voice paging (3.5 watt)
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Compatible with strobe (model 1126)
  • Adjustable warble tone and volume
  • Compact: 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches
  • 94 dBA output as stand alone, 112 dBA with 8 ohm horn
  • Power supply included
  • Approved for use with NorstarZ systems

Algo Talking Duet Plus

Similar to Duet Plus, except Talking Duet Plus allows users to program their own voice message, music or special sound effect to play back instead of a warble tone.

  • Loud station ringing
  • Up to 16 second message
  • Compact: 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches
  • Activated by dry contact closure, CO ring voltage, low voltage or audio detection
  • Applications limited only by your imagination
  • 1 year warranty

Algo Door Entry Phone (Doorphone)

Allows you to grant or deny access and communicate with visitors. Visitors outside a locked door or gate can press a call button, ringing through to your telephone system. The person answering the telephone can talk with the visitor and can release the door or gate by pressing a button on a standard telephone key pad.

  • Durable weatherproof door station
  • Distinctive ring capability
  • Selective ring persistence
  • Built-in door control provides dry contact closure to activate a customer provided door strike

Algo Handsets

Push-to-Talk, Push-to-MuteOriginal Northern Telcom handsets modified with PTT switches inside for either Press to Talk or Press to Mute capabilities. Available in chameleon grey, dolphin grey, black and red.

Algo AuxBox

The AuxBox monitors the activities of a Meridian digital telephone, allowing the use of external devices such as loud ringers and indicator lights. It also provides a digital-to-analog interface for voice recording or amplification. In noisy factories or warehouses, for example the AuxBox can activate external ring indicators such as strobes or loud ringers to signal an incoming call or message waiting. Similarly, the AuxBox provides for output to a voice amplifier for loud paging.

Algo Desktop Visual Indicator

This attractive and versatile visual indicator is ideal for call centres and busy offices where headsets are in use and you need to show co-workers that the operator should not be interrupted. Designed for use with the 4100 AuxBox and having four distinctive light patterns, it can also act as a ring indicator or message waiting indicator.


Module Extender – Trunk/Station Module Extender

Extend all your Meridian1T features and applications up to 3 km from the KSU with this module extender. Ensure every work station has the same access to voicemail and ACD wherever they are located in the building. The Module Extender lets you use fiber to provide a safe, secure, reliable, cost-effective long distance link between your present Meridian1 KSU and the Meridian1 station or trunk modules.

EDAC (Expandable Digital to Analog Converter)

EDAC enables M2000/M7000 telephone users the ability to integrate voice record/monitor equipment. EDAC units offer a variety of expandable configurations to facilitate your telephone recording needs. Wall or rack mountable and compatible with 115V or 230V power supplies.

  • EDAC Base Unit – 12 expansion slots or 8 relay-configured
  • EDAC Single Port Card enables 1 digital telephone to be recorded
  • EDAC Dual Relay Card provides contact closure for 2 ports
  • DAC 4E 911 interfaces up to 4 ports
  • Also compatible with Lucent, Aspect and NEC

Knowledge Center – Complete Telephony Integration

Knowledge Center turns your PBX Operators into Knowledge workers! With the efficiency gained in call handling under Knowledge Center, a single operator can handle significantly more calls per hour.

  • Personal computer replaces PBX console. Operators gain instant access to databases of requested information
  • Consolidate telephone operations in a central location
  • Simple Windows visual interface
  • Scaleable and flexible with continuous updating
  • Register employees’ temporary absences in network database

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