What is SIP?

    Gone are the days of purchasing an office phone system and then the ongoing process of managing the installation, phone lines, long-distance and expansion. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system that is managed by Inline Communications Business Solutions team on a secure, private connection to ensure higher quality phone service. Everything is included, worry and hassle-free.

    You get Everything you need:

    • Fully functional phone lines
    • Voicemail to E-mail
    • Flexible Long Distance Plans
    • Mobile Integration
    • Outlook Integration
    • More than 40 additional features


    • Alternate Numbers
    • Auto Attendant
    • Automatic Callback
    • HD Voice
    • Hide my Number
    • Hunt Group
    • Call Twinning
    • International Alternate Numbers

    Cost Benefits

    Enjoy the highest quality service and over 40 features without any upfront equipment charges. Inline’s Hosted PBX is also scalable to grow with your business. You can quickly add extensions and connect your entire team – whether they work down the hall or across the globe.

    Why Inline Communications?

    We have over 20 Years of Experience in the Telecommunication Industry

    We will install and guarantee the telephone hardware to support this new SIP service
    No hidden monthly fees
    No contract
    FREE Activation
    Credit Card payment accepted – Needed for pre-paid

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    Work from Anywhere.

    Enjoy Seamless Communication with Telcloud!

    Your business must reside within our service area of South-West Ontario.