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Call Accounting

A call accounting system is a telecommunications software application that; captures, records & costs telephone usage events. Call accounting systems detect outbound and inbound calls, call ring outs, call routings, abandoned calls and other activities. CallAnalyst Enterprise Server (CES) is an award-winning call accounting solution that enables businesses of all sizes to manage their telephone systems and related infrastructure more efficiently and cost effectively. The solution addresses 3 main function areas of voice communications management;

  • Call Reporting
  • Billing
  • Trunk Analysis

This allows users to monitor and manage multiple phone systems whether they are TDM or IP-based in a network environment. Best suited for organizations functioning with multiple locations, the CallAnalyst enables managers to view reports across all locations. CES supports heterogeneous environments with different PBXs and key telephone systems at different locations and real-time consolidation of call accounting data from all locations. The software runs at the central location and has the ability to monitor the phone systems at each remote location without needing any additional investment at the remote location. This provides a significant cost advantage to multi-location businesses.

Features & Benefits



1. CallAnalyst Now Supports E9-1-1

2. Call Reporting

  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE database options
  • Alerts broadcast over emails, pager, screen pop etc.
  • Web-based reporting
  • High levels of scalability with regards to number of phones per location as well as the number of locations supported

3. Quality Monitoring/ Centralized Monitoring and Tracking

  • Centralization of data from various different phone systems from different locations
  • Easy reporting across network

4. Performance Management

  • Time Billing & Contact Management

5. Call Costing

6. Automate Bill-Back

7. CallAlert! and Fraud Alert

8. Traffic Analysis & Capacity Management

  • Provides extensive trunk capacity usage reports
  • What-If analysis tools to perform impact analysis

9. Marketing Campaign Tracking

  • Campaign Manager to measure and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

10. Rate Tables

1. Cut Costs

2. Track Employee Productivity

3. Increase Business Productivity

4. Optimize Resources (Infrastructure and Staff)

5. Optimize Marketing Budgets

6. Enhance Security

7. Improve Customer Service

8. Data Archival and Retrieval

9. Network Ability

10. Report Automation

  • Reports automatically generated and sent as email, print or uploaded FTP serves
  • Data archival and removal

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