5 VoIP Benefits that Traditional PBX Can’t Deliver

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    The VoIP vs. Traditional PBX debate has been there for quite a number of years now. As technology and fast internet services have taken over the world, business VoIP use is expanding worldwide.

    As you know, communication is a crucial part of any business, whether large or small. Companies need the best solutions to communicate internally with staff and externally with clients, customers, suppliers and partners.

    When we dive deeper into business telephony, we discover that it has gone through evolution and developments over time.
    From traditional landline phones PBX to modern-day VoIP to hybrid IP-PBX systems, you have several options to choose from.
    However, VoIP business subscribers have doubled in the last five years. Isn’t it surprising? Yes, VoIP grew rapidly, with 20.1M subscribers in 2014 and 41M in 2018.

    So the question arises what are the benefits of VoIP that a traditional PBX can’t deliver?

    Before we answer this query, let’s look at traditional PBX and VoIP definitions for better understanding.

    What does VoIP stand for?

    VoIP is modern technology that stands for Voice over internet protocol. What does it do? It transmits your voice data over the internet.

    VoIP technology transforms your voice into data and compresses it into data packets. These packets travel to VoIP providers, get converted with the speed of light, and are connected to the targeted phone.

    What does PBX stand for?

    PBX stands for private branch exchange. It is another type of business telephony. Moreover, traditional PBX entails office desk phones and gets them connected to a single network.

    Through traditional PBX, you can internally transfer and make calls for free. PBX uses extensions which means more phones and fewer phone lines. Hence, through these extensions, it redirects calls to the required business contact.

    The biggest differentiator is that the PBX is traditionally a larger piece of electronic equipment that gets installed at your office telephone room and all the telephones have to connect to it. This naturally comes with lots of limitations that we will talk about next.

    5 VoIP Benefits that Traditional PBX can’t deliver

    1. Make and Receive Calls from anywhere with Reasonable Internet Connection

    Do you know what the most useful aspect of VoIP is? It is none other than the accessibility and mobility that it provides.
    With a decent internet connection you can run your business from anywhere.

    This is particularly important and useful during these times when most of the people have to work from home.

    Cloud-based VoIP offers you the facility to redirect business calls to any device or location you may be working. The feature is called “Find me-Follow me” and it limits missed calls as the calls will follow you.

    2. Offers More Modern Features

    VoIP provides some advanced features that used to be only available to larger businesses at high costs.
    Auto attendants can manage all incoming calls and route calls to the appropriate extensions.

    Voicemail to email with text transcription is a beneficial feature to have.

    Text to speech allows you to type up your company greetings and our new cloud based system will convert your text into a pleasant male or female voices of your choice.

    Recording and reporting on all incoming and outgoing calls is a feature that was costly to get on the older PBX systems and now it comes included with our hosted TelCloud service. These reports could even be automated and sent to your inbox on the daily basis.
    To see more features, click here.

    3. Ditch the Costly Business Telephony

    Through VoIP, there are cost-savings directly or indirectly as compared to traditional PBX. You get cheaper call rates, less wiring and hardware and no repair fees.

    Get a quote on a new system here.

    4. How about your own Call Centre?

    This is one of the most important customer service features that any successful business will use to answer their customers live. The calls will be queued and automatically transferred to the next available customer service representative. With the mobility feature of the hosted solution, your representatives could be anywhere in the world where there is a decent internet connection.

    Get the full list of call centre features here.

    5. VoIP Phone Number Portability

    No more worry about changing your main number when you move. You can keep the same number you always had as many times as you move as VoIP does not limit you to the location of your business.

    This also gives you an ability to own phone numbers from other cities where you want to have a local presence at no additional charge.

    These are some of the benefits that you get if you use VoIP instead of traditional PBX. Stay tuned for more content on the subject.

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